Screenshot of Laika's analytics dashboard as viewed on an iPad

Automated reporting that's beautiful, simple, and fast.

Laika fetches web analytics data for you and outputs interactive, customizable dashboards.

No more wasting time retrieving data by hand. No more XLS files to share.

Best for teams of 1 to 10,000.

Laika is:


Send Laika to fetch the latest figures from Google Analytics using a simple cronjob. Save time and stress and ensure perfect accuracy.


Charts and dashboards your way, with minimal limitations. Laika uses Bootstrap, so it's easy to define dashboard page layouts.


Data is fetched and processed one time, not every time. You'll never have to wait for your dashboards to load, ever again.


Fetch only the data you need, and display only the items you want. Build the perfect targeted reports for your organization.


Break free of sending out-dated spreadsheets to coworkers. With one link, everyone on the team has access to the latest figures.


Laika's dashboard is read-only, so there's no chance of accidents happening to either the dashboard layout or the underlying data.


Laika can be extended to fetch data from other sources. Data can even be added manually for special ad-hoc report items.


Laika is hosted on your own server in an environment that you control. No one else has access to your data.


Start contributing today by forking the project on Github, or by getting in touch with the author.


One Laika install will run dozens of client data environments, each with isolated and secure data and files.


Google Analytics

Laika comes with an extensive library of built-in functions to fetch data from Google Analytics.

Any PHP data source

Easily extend Laika to fetch data from any source you can access via PHP.

Any manual source

Got a few ad-hoc items to track? No sweat. Import CSVs or manually enter data using phpMyAdmin.


Laika is free.

Laika was built on a collection of open source tools, so it's only fair to give back to the community by releasing Laika under the fair and flexible MIT license.

Free, now and forever. Use it personally or at work. Get started with Laika today, and then help spread the word if you find it useful.